Moisture Defense


    For Concrete with Moisture Problems

    100% Waterproof Solution! Laminin's comprehensive Moisture Defense System meets everyday challenges associated with sub-floor preparation and flooring installations in high moisture vapor emission (MVER) environments. These products provide a powerful defense against moisture while also protecting concrete from chemical, industrial, vehicular and environmental agents.


    Epoxy Moisture Barrier

    Colossal 117-EMB Epoxy Moisture Barrier is a 2-component, epoxy-reaction, resin-based sealer for professional flooring installation over damp sub-floors. Colossal 117-EMB will mitigate moisture pressure from a humid sub-floor to an acceptable level for any flooring installation. It will bridge minor cracks in the sub-floor. Colossal 117-EMB spreads easily and creates a dust-free surface, ready for safe installation of flooring. It increases the bonding of subsequently applied primers, leveling compounds and/or adhesives.


    Primer & Sealer

    Colossal 117-EPS Primer and Sealer is a 2-component, hybrid-epoxy resin-based primer for sub-floor preparation prior to installation of urethane-based leveling compounds. Unlike water or urethane-based primer, Colossal 117 EPS P&S is not affected by elevated sub-floor moisture. It will not foam up or get weaker because of water present in the sub-floor.

  • COLOSSAL 117-HMA (100% RH, 14PH)

    Adhesives for Resilient & Sport Flooring Installation

    Colossal 117-HMA is a 2-part urethane adhesive suitable for indoor and outdoor installation of flooring as well as installation over concrete slabs with very high moisture content. It has an extremely high shear strength, making it the perfect choice for areas with high or heavy traffic, rolling loads, and building entrances where high moisture is to be expected.


    Movement Joint Filler

    Colossal 117-MJF Movement Joint Filler is a pre-measured, two-component filler used for filling dynamic or moving joints in concrete substrate. Ideal for filling joints of any width.


    Moisture Resistant Smooth Skim

    Colossal 117-MRS Moisture Resistant Smooth Skim is a high quality, cement-based compound designed to skim coat, smooth and level irregularities from feather edge up to ½" (12 mm).


    Urethane Self-Leveler

    Colossal 117-USL Urethane Self-Leveler is a two-component urethane leveling compound capable of creating a moisture barrier of up to 100% RH with Colossal 117-EPS Primer and Sealer. It provides Sound Transmission Control and Insulation Impact Classification and can be adhered to in just under 4 hours.



    Colossal 117-CSL is a self-leveling, cement-based topping that can be used as a wear surface on interior and elevated exterior areas where worn concrete is an issue. Colossal 117-CSL can be installed to provide a smooth troweled appearance or can be polished to provide a more decorative appeal.

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