Urethane Turf Adhesive

    A high-performance seaming and direct bonding of artificial turf used in athletic and landscape applications. Colossal 117-UTA is particularly suited for use in areas of low ambient relative humidity and in cool temperatures.

  • COLOSSAL 117-UFA9912

    Universal Flooring Adhesive

    Laminin Colossal 117-UFA9912 is formulated for the installation of dimensionally stable LVT Tile & Vinyl Plank (including foam-backed tile and plank), carpet tile (including PVC and olefin-backed), VCT, quartz tile, bio-based tile, fiberglass-backed sheet flooring and vinyl backed resilient sheet flooring.


    Admixture for Urethane Turf Adhesive

    Colossal 117-AUTA Admixture for Urethane Turf Adhesive is an additive designed for Colossal 117-UTA Urethane Turf Adhesive to allow for quicker setting and curing times. Colossal 117-AUTA is ideal for temperatures below 50°F (10°C) to allow Colossal 117-UTA to achieve standard curing rate


    Laminin Turf Tape

    Colossal 117-LTT Laminin Turf Tape is waterproof and provides superior tensile strength and tear resistance, which is vital for installations of professional athletic playing fields. It is also perfectly suited as a seaming base for other synthetic turf applications, including installations of residential landscaping, playgrounds, and golf courses.

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