• COLOSSAL 117-HMA (100% RH, 14PH)

    Adhesive for Resilient & Sport Flooring Installation

    Colossal 117-HMA is an ideal selection for areas with high or heavy traffic, rolling loads, and building entrances where high moisture is to be expected.

  • COLOSSAL 117-RVA9511

    Rollable Vinyl Adhesive (95RH/11PH)

    This breakthrough, user-friendly adhesive is ideal for vinyl tile, vinyl plank, vinyl composition tile and solid vinyl sheet goods. Ideal for heavy rolling loads (hospital beds, furniture, etc.).

  • COLOSSAL 117-RVA9912

    Rollable Vinyl Adhesive (99RH/12PH)

    Approved for use with vinyl composition tile (VCT), luxury vinyl tile, luxury vinyl plank, vinyl enhanced tile, quartz tile, bio-based tile, fiberglass-reinforced vinyl sheet flooring, solid vinyl sheet flooring, reground rubber underlayment, cork underlayment, and vinyl-backed and polyolefin-backed carpet tile.


    Sport Flooring Adhesive

    Colossal 117-SFA Sport Flooring Adhesive spreads easily and has a non-slump formula that will help ensure contact transfer and adhesion because the ridges will bridge normal gaps between the flooring and substrate.

  • COLOSSAL 117-UFA9912

    Universal Flooring Adhesive 99% RH, 12pH

    Laminin Colossal 117-UFA9912 is formulated for the installation of dimensionally stable LVT Tile & Vinyl Plank (including foam-backed tile and plank), carpet tile (including PVC and olefin-backed), VCT, quartz tile, bio-based tile, fiberglass-backed sheet flooring and vinyl backed resilient sheet flooring. Colossal 117-UFA9912 is CRI Green Label Plus Certified, and is SCAQMD 1168 compliant

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